We are initiative for a quality men’s life


Nowadays, the quality of life is determined by indicators such as access to health care, transport network or – for instance – the mobile network coverage… Men often measure it by three traditional criteria: power – glory – money. Nevertheless, both experts and men start to realize that the quality of life depends mainly on inner values.

LOM promotes 4 fundamental men’s values:

Responsibility, Courage, Originality and Openness

  • The one who is responsible keeps his word and gets socially engaged.
  • The one who is courageous appraises his chances and expands them as well.
  • The one who is original can be genuine and create new things.
  • The one who is open has its own opinion, but he is able to take part in a dialogue as well.

For the sake of men’s life quality

  • We offer diverse activities and counseling.
  • We gather and share information and know-how.
  • We track and cultivate men’s issues.
  • We support and carry activities on expert, media and political level.

Do you like to know more about us?

We take the needs of today’s men seriously

We focus on issues that men in the Czech Republic and abroad currently deal with. We perceive the needs of individuals; we study the men’s roles in the society and track the claims society sets upon men. We are personally interested in it. And we are having fun doing it! At the same time, we adopt an expert view. We are neither naïve activists, nor self-styled gurus. We are professionals.

The Men’s Way – quality life is an achievable goal

Active Fatherhood – men are good caregivers, and they do it their own way

Men in Education – there should be male role models in schools

Strength and Violence – aggression is not a problem, it is a part of life

Men’s Health – prevention is better than cure

LOM Outdoor Club – adventure and solidarity go together well

  • We have an active attitude in face of each men’s issue.
  • We want the men to respect themselves and the society to respect men.
  • We do not want to be a part of problems, we look for solutions.


For more information please contact us: info@ilom.cz

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Jan Trachta

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